3 Ways To Support Entrepreneurial Women

This entrepreneur life ain't easy outchea. 

It didn't really hit me until I started my own business last year, but late nights of brainstorming and early mornings before the regular 9-5 spent writing dope sales copy left me feeling spent. Why? I was pouring everything out of me, but nothing was being put back in. On my own journey, I learned a ton about what I needed as a business owner, but more importantly as a WOMAN who owns a business. Once my eyes were opened up to the struggle, it helped me understand what fills my cup and how I can pour back into other lady entrepreneurs. Today, I do the following without hesitation: 


Celebrate Their Wins.

Recently, one of my friends got some amazing news related to a huge goal she set for herself last year. I full-out cried when I was alone in my car because I knew how hard she worked to get to this point. It felt like a win for me, because I see all of her successes and frustrations as my own. You have to be able to put yourself in someone else's shoes to understand them, so doesn't it make just as much sense to do the same so that you can better celebrate their accomplishments? 


Show Up for Them.

It makes a lasting impression to entrepreneurs when they see you jumping at opportunities to support everyone but them. While it's true that you may never be in need of the services a lady entrepreneur is offering, or into the products she might be hand-crafting, there's still nothing stopping you from sharing a recommendation to others who might be interested.

Refuse to See Them as Competition.

Believe people when they tell you that there is space for everyone to succeed, but understand that it will never happen if you're sitting in your corner envious of how the next woman was able to cultivate roses from her own patch of concrete. Your personal success isn't dampened by the next person's come up. Redirect that energy into something that's a better use of time, like...idk...worrying about yourself and doing the first two items I mentioned (I said what I said).


Let me know one thing you plan on doing today to show your love to a money-making lady!