My Summer '18 Makeup Essentials

We all know that I'm a makeup junkie. I've gotten far better and only travel with one makeup palette these days, so I'm not really THAT bad anymore... am I? 


Either way, summer is my favorite time for a number of reasons: 

  • I love hot weather
  • I love going to the beach
  • I love that I can get away with wearing less all in the name of staying cool

While the summertime is my time to shine, it isn't really compatible with a full face. With time, I've found my arsenal of products that keep me cute while allowing my skin to breathe in all this southern heat! 

  1. Aloe + Rosewater Hydrating Mist by Motherland Essentials- I use this first thing in the morning to spritz my face, throughout the day to give my skin a cool drink, and even to make sure that my makeup stays in place! This Charleston-based brand is my go-to for the majority of my skincare needs, so I was happy to see this product added to their lineup just in time for summer '18!
  2. Forever Brows by BK Beauty Cosmetics- This little pot of brow pomade works miracles any time of year! I took a dip in the ocean a few weeks ago, and my eyebrows were still there when I came out. My brows don't smudge AT ALL, so it's even more amazing to note that the product removes easily with an oil-based makeup remover (check this post for my favorite cleansing products). The BONUS, though? The product comes with an angled brush so you have no excuse for NOT sculpting those brows like your life depends on it. 
  3. GLO Illuminator by Manna Kadar Beauty- This highlight is buildable, so you can be as subtle or as extra as you want to be in the summertime streets. It has a slightly rosy tint to it, which balances out well to give my skin an extra hint of warmth. I wonder what it'll do for you? (Maybe you should buy some and tag me in the pics...) 
  4. Clean Matte BB Cream by Covergirl- This particular formula is for oily skin, so you'll want to be sure that you're purchasing the right formulation of BB cream for your skin type. BB creams are the best for summer because they're going to be lighter and more breathable that a foundation. I only use an amount about half the size of my pinky nail, and it blends my whole face. You know what's great about that? I'm not as worried about my face rubbing off on someones shirt if I give them a hug! I use a primer underneath that has SPF, but you can also find BB creams with the SPF included and knock two things off the list in one go. 
  5. Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer by Fenty Beauty- Smells good, isn't sticky, lasts a long time...what boxes do you need to check before purchasing? It looks good on EVERYONE and compliments any makeup look you can think of. And since were going light on everything this summer, Gloss Bomb is going to be the perfect gloss to keep in your purse so you're ready to serve lucious-lipped realness at any moment. 

The takeaways? 

  • Less is more is the rule of thumb when it comes to all of these products. I've been getting my money's worth, and the amount of usage I get with each purchase pays off. With other products I may have to repurchase 2-3 times to get the same worth.
  • You don't need a million products. This is 5 ITEMS. Use these and a little liner and you're done. You can spring for the eyeshadow if you're feeling kind of fancy (see the cover pic of this post). 
  • Do NOT get caught out here with your face melting off. I will find you, and I will question you about it. 


Happy 5 product, summertime makeup serving out here in 2018!

My Skincare Routine!

If you follow my Instagram account, you know that I'm a huge lover of all things makeup! When you have a passion for highlight and contour like I do, you need to make sure you're keeping your skin as healthy as possible. Below, you'll find the skin care routine that I perform each morning and night. 

Important: What works for me may not work for your skin type. Make sure you're paying attention to your skin's needs and adapting this routine accordingly!

  1. Oil-based cleanser: My favorite is Neutrogena's Ultra Light Cleansing Oil. The packaging boasts that it "effortlessly and completely removes waterproof makeup, dirt & oil," and I'd say it does a pretty good job without me having to tug and pull at my face with a washcloth to get rid of stubborn mascara. I use 1-2 pumps and massage into my dry face and neck gently. Follow up with warm water to activate the oil mixture and remove dirt and makeup, then rinse with warm water. 
  2. Foaming Skin for Sensitive Skin: Next, I use 1-2 pumps of Simple Foaming Cleanser. I like this cleanser because it picks up anything the oil cleanser might have left behind without stripping my face of its moisture. Rinse with cool water this time! 
  3. After patting my face dry (NOT RUBBING!), I use Witch Hazel as my toner to do a final cleanse on my pores and knock out/prevent any irritations that might want to creep up. I use a small cotton pad to swipe the product over my face and neck. 
  4. Once the toner dries, I apply a light serum under my eyes and lightly to the rest of my face. Match your serum to your specific skin concerns to keep everything balanced. 
  5. I finish with a small amount of coconut oil. My skin can be very finicky, but since using the coconut oil I find that I have fewer breakouts and irritations. Find what works for you!

What did I learn from picking up this routine? 

  • You don't need all of that strong, abrasive, "wakes you up in the morning" stuff on your face. Save those things for every once in a while or as body scrubs in the shower. I have a St. Ive's scrub that I love using every other week, but I make sure that I stick with their "moderate" exfoliation products. That apricot scrub would scratch my face to DEATH! You don't need all that, sis. 
  • Moisturized skin= happy skin. I noticed that my skin only gets rowdy when I'm not drinking enough water and not moisturizing it the way I should. That combo always sends me into a red itchy mess, so at the first sign of itchiness I'll go and do steps 1-5 to start knocking out whatever it is that's irking my pores. 
  • Consistency for me has led to fewer breakouts. I'm able to spot treat and knock an irritation out with toothpaste in an hour or two because I keep up with the above routine. YES, toothpaste. I'm not buying a special spot treatment cream for something that happens every blue moon. Dab that minty freshness on and go about your business. Thank me later. 


What's your skincare routine? How do you take off the day? Let me know in the comments!