I Tried a Sleep Mask for a Week...

Admittedly, I’m not the best sleeper. It normally takes me a while to fall asleep, and it’s usually with the TV on. 

I don’t typically get sleep that’s the BEST quality. I wake up tired because I toss and turn all night long. 


Recently, I received a self-care kit courtesy of Olay to celebrate Black Southern Belle’s 30th Birthday. And THERE it was...




I smacked my teeth so so hard because they NEVER work for me. I wanted to try it out anyway because maybe the 3rd time would be the charm.


The first time I tried one was in high school, but nothing was really going on in my life for me to actually need it. The second time was in our first apartment, but again...nothing going on there in life except school, a restaurant job, and a couple bills. 


But NOW? With a mortgage, car note, full-time job, business, 3 pets, and a pending wedding? BAYBEEEEE...something had to shake.  


This is whole week of no TV paired with mask wearing has left me passing out and waking up in the same position I clocked out in. A couple of nights ago I even forgot to put the dang thing over my eyes. 


Wanna know what else came in my box?  

  • That coveted Olay Regenerist Whip
  • a workout tank
  • A SATIN PILLOWCASE! (How did they know that’s how I roll?) 
  • My new bestie aka the sleep mask


Final Thoughts? 

I’m definitely keeping up this sleep mask thing. I’m bougie (again, admittedly...), but at least this mask is serving a real, beneficial purpose to help end my bedtime struggles.  


Thick Thighs and Booty Cheeks on the Beach

I’m still pretty self-conscious and don't frequently wear form-fitting clothing from head-to-toe or show a ton of skin, but I'm working on it. Self-love is an ongoing, ever-changing process, right?


If you've never seen me in person, I pull a decent-sized “wagon” behind me, and in the country my body type is referred to as “stout” (meaning “thick”). I’m technically one of those girls who was skinny and just got a little bit bigger. These days, I’m smiling a bit more when I walk past the mirror. And that’s a huge deal for me. The stretch marks don’t bother me anymore, and I think I look pretty dang good at this size. Walking around the house most days in lingerie probably helped. And I mean all day long, lounging in faux fur sets and satin robes and what not.


Y’all should try it out. Seriously.


A while ago, I wrote this blog post about my body image issues. There were some who felt where I was coming from, but more often than not I was met with comments like,


 ”Girl, talk to me about body issues when you’ve had three kids and look like me.”

”Chile, you are SKINNY and you look good!” 

”You don’t even know what big is.” 


I'm not about making other people's expressions of what's bothering them about myself, so I wasn't a fan of it happening to me. I basically did the same as most people in the "whose body is worse" olympics and shut the hell up. 



It took me YEARS to start gaining weight. I didn’t reach 100 pounds until the second semester of my freshman year of college, and in all the years prior I remember eating nonstop because summer two-a-days and after-school practices as an athlete left me hungry. For years I couldn’t break 90 pounds. I remember being so excited to call home and tell my mama I couldn’t fit my size 0 skinny jeans anymore back in 2011 because I was finally in the triple digits.  

Today, I’m at 137. 


Since moving to SC back in 2014, I’ve fluctuated between 125 and 135 frequently. Each time I've passed 130 it's freaked me out. Every time I believed that I was too overweight and looked sloppy, so I'd eat less and try to work out to get the weight back off. It never mattered though, because I just didn't LIKE my body at any size. Right now I’m at my heaviest, but I’m HAPPY. Not having a super flat stomach anymore isn't even on my list of stressors now.

It's taken me all this time to talk about it again online, because people think if you have a “nice” body (which is all kinds of subjective depending on your visual preferences) then you should have zero worries related to looks. Add to that the bonus, unwarranted comments from family members about how skinny you were for years, but how you've gotten so fat now when all you did was grow up and finally develop a pretty standard “99s and the 2000s” type of body. What y’all really want from me, man?  

I recently bought a bathing suit style that I NEVER would have considered wearing when I was thinner, even though it probably would have been more “appropriate” then by some standards. Back then I had enough breasts to warrant a bra, but not enough to create resting, unforced cleavage. The suit came from Aerie, and it plunges in the front, is backless, and is a cheeky cut. The cheeky cut back then wouldn't have raised any eyebrows.

Cheeky cut on me in 2018 turns into a semi-thong in 10 steps or less, but this past weekend I said screw it. The boobs and booty were POPPIN’ on Sullivan’s Island, y’all! I had zero worries about the cellulite and stretch marks, and guess what else?





So here’s to walking past the mirror this summer and saying “DAMN GIRL! YOU FINE!”

There are a million ways to be a baddie outchea.