5 Things You Should Have Tried From the 2018 Charleston Natural Hair Expo

This past weekend, I attended the 7th Annual Charleston Natural Hair Expo, and I'd say it was a great event overall. I only had one goal in mind, and that was to walk away with products that I would actually use instead of buying things just for the sake of buying. In past years I haven't been as discerning with my spending and left with things that I never even used once I got home. The items pictured below are ones that I've been enjoying since this past Saturday, and I think you'll be seeing a lot more of them on my Instagram feed. 

  1. Celestial Beauty Goddess Glow in the shade "Heavenly"- This body highlighter comes in a variety of shades, so be sure to check out the entire line to choose the most appropriate shade for your skin tone. We're looking for maximum glow up out here these days! 
  2. Unorthodox Roots satin-lined headwrap- This brand creates satin-lined hats and headwraps, and I thought that the one I purchased was great for giving my durags a break.(For those of you who don't know this about me, I often wear durags underneath my regular headwraps to protect my hair from the drying fabric.)
  3. The entire haircare line from Femme Noire- The packaging grabbed my attention, and the ingredients made me stick around. My hair likes most of the oils in their products already, so I decided to spring for the entire line and give it all a try. The Flower Bomb Hair Growth Oil is pictured, but best believe all of those products took a ride home in my bag. I even purchased their travel-sized products, so I'll be doing a post on how my hair holds up during my next trip to Seattle! I typically do protective styles when I travel across the country, so this will be a completely new experience for me. Fingers crossed! 
  4. Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner from Alikay Naturals- This is an old staple from when I made the decision to stop flat ironing my hair as frequently back in 2014. The scent alone made me want to twist my hair every night, and my hair was always moisturized and less prone to breakage because of it. Add a little oil to the ends on top of it, and it's a done deal. I like this product still in 2018 because it's a nice style refresher also. 
  5. Chewies (not pictured) from Brown Sugar Charleston- Since being in Charleston, I've developed a deep-seated love for chewies. I'm not new to Brown Sugar Charleston, but I was too excited to see their table set up at this years expo! I walked away that day with my sweet tooth fully satisfied, but you should contact Brown Sugar Charleston for your cake and dessert jar needs as well. Their key lime cupcakes are my all-time favorite.   


Wanna know the best thing about each of these vendors? 

They actually TALKED to me and my friends, and showed genuine excitement about what they were offering! Each one beamed when talking about how they were solving a specific need, whether it was protecting my coveted strands, nourishing them, making sure my skin was extra poppin', or ensuring that I didn't have to hunt any longer for the best sweets in town. Next year at the expo, I'd love to see more of that kind of energy from all the vendors in the room. These few from my haul definitely stole the show in my eyes, and I can't wait to see them again soon! 


What was your #1 purchase from the Charleston Natural Hair Expo this past weekend? Let me know in the comments below! 

My Summer '18 Makeup Essentials

We all know that I'm a makeup junkie. I've gotten far better and only travel with one makeup palette these days, so I'm not really THAT bad anymore... am I? 


Either way, summer is my favorite time for a number of reasons: 

  • I love hot weather
  • I love going to the beach
  • I love that I can get away with wearing less all in the name of staying cool

While the summertime is my time to shine, it isn't really compatible with a full face. With time, I've found my arsenal of products that keep me cute while allowing my skin to breathe in all this southern heat! 

  1. Aloe + Rosewater Hydrating Mist by Motherland Essentials- I use this first thing in the morning to spritz my face, throughout the day to give my skin a cool drink, and even to make sure that my makeup stays in place! This Charleston-based brand is my go-to for the majority of my skincare needs, so I was happy to see this product added to their lineup just in time for summer '18!
  2. Forever Brows by BK Beauty Cosmetics- This little pot of brow pomade works miracles any time of year! I took a dip in the ocean a few weeks ago, and my eyebrows were still there when I came out. My brows don't smudge AT ALL, so it's even more amazing to note that the product removes easily with an oil-based makeup remover (check this post for my favorite cleansing products). The BONUS, though? The product comes with an angled brush so you have no excuse for NOT sculpting those brows like your life depends on it. 
  3. GLO Illuminator by Manna Kadar Beauty- This highlight is buildable, so you can be as subtle or as extra as you want to be in the summertime streets. It has a slightly rosy tint to it, which balances out well to give my skin an extra hint of warmth. I wonder what it'll do for you? (Maybe you should buy some and tag me in the pics...) 
  4. Clean Matte BB Cream by Covergirl- This particular formula is for oily skin, so you'll want to be sure that you're purchasing the right formulation of BB cream for your skin type. BB creams are the best for summer because they're going to be lighter and more breathable that a foundation. I only use an amount about half the size of my pinky nail, and it blends my whole face. You know what's great about that? I'm not as worried about my face rubbing off on someones shirt if I give them a hug! I use a primer underneath that has SPF, but you can also find BB creams with the SPF included and knock two things off the list in one go. 
  5. Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer by Fenty Beauty- Smells good, isn't sticky, lasts a long time...what boxes do you need to check before purchasing? It looks good on EVERYONE and compliments any makeup look you can think of. And since were going light on everything this summer, Gloss Bomb is going to be the perfect gloss to keep in your purse so you're ready to serve lucious-lipped realness at any moment. 

The takeaways? 

  • Less is more is the rule of thumb when it comes to all of these products. I've been getting my money's worth, and the amount of usage I get with each purchase pays off. With other products I may have to repurchase 2-3 times to get the same worth.
  • You don't need a million products. This is 5 ITEMS. Use these and a little liner and you're done. You can spring for the eyeshadow if you're feeling kind of fancy (see the cover pic of this post). 
  • Do NOT get caught out here with your face melting off. I will find you, and I will question you about it. 


Happy 5 product, summertime makeup serving out here in 2018!

You NEED A Puff Cuff

I had time to wear the fiery fro out this day! I made these earrings, and you can check out my current list of handmade items at  Homegrown Melanin . and the (AMAZING) lipstick is from  Trenique Beauty  in the shade Guilty Pleasure!  

I had time to wear the fiery fro out this day! I made these earrings, and you can check out my current list of handmade items at Homegrown Melanin. and the (AMAZING) lipstick is from Trenique Beauty in the shade Guilty Pleasure!  

I kept seeing ads on my Facebook timeline about the PuffCuff, and each time I would scroll past it. It seemed like a cool idea, but I just had zero faith that this clip would work for my hair at all. I mean, this is someone who still hasn't found a gel that will keep her edges in place all day long. I just pictured my hair not staying inside the PuffCuff or looking like much of anything. One day I finally broke down and clicked the ad. About a week later, I had an Original PuffCuff in my hand. 

I was running late for work this day, and didn't have time to do anything to my hair besides throw it up. my PuffCuff was right on time this day!!! My puff was bigger than my head and POPPIN'! 

I was running late for work this day, and didn't have time to do anything to my hair besides throw it up. my PuffCuff was right on time this day!!! My puff was bigger than my head and POPPIN'! 

Ever since, I've been serving looks. My favorite way to wear my hair is in a high puff, and I feel like my puffs have been even bigger since I got my PuffCuff. I get more compliments on my hair, and I'm not worried about my hair breaking the accessory or bending it out of shape (I'm looking at you, banana clips. I don't have to worry about the PuffCuff showing, because it's ROUND, meaning that you don't get those unsightly bumps that stick out to the side of banana clips. Needless to say, I'm a fan because my puff actually has LIFE now. 

Every now and then, I try to go back to that stretched elastic headband just to try and tell myself that it's something I can always fall back on, but each time I regret it. The puff looks good, true enough, but the headache at the end of the day simply isn't worth it. I'll stick with my PuffCuff, because I know exactly where home is now! 

Get a PuffCuff, and let me know what you think about it in the comments below!