Personal Bloggin' bc #Labels

Y'all. I've decided that I don't fit in. 

I don't really consider myself a clean-cut lifestyle blogger. And I'm far from a fashion blogger. 

I've noticed that it's way more natural for me to talk about topics off the top of my head without labeling myself. Recently, I attended the first Charleston Black Girl Bloggers Brunch, and it felt good to be surrounded by a blogging community of women who looked like me. For the longest time, I thought that I had to fit into one of those preexisting categories, but each of the ladies present was doing something to make blog genres their own.

I've been going through a lull with my blogging thanks to balancing school, starting a small business, and working a full-time job. But after the brunch I felt inspired to blog again on my own terms. To write about what I want, without trying to fit myself into a box. Whether it's food, the current book I'm reading, or a dope event that I wanna invite you all to, I'm vowing to just WRITE. I'll likely be adding some new categories to the search page, but stay tuned. Your girl is getting back in the game.